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About Me

My exotic mixture means I’m frequently asked - “Where are you from?”, question to which I don’t have a simple answer.  Born in Mozambique, raised in Portugal but educated in the U.S.A., it’s only natural that I feel I’m a little from each of those places and, sometimes, from none.

Love Me More was born several years ago in my imagination but began taking shape soon after the financial crisis began to settle itself and I lost the job I had after returning to Portugal.  Continuing working in Interior Design, which is what my degree is in, became counter-intuitive considering the real-estate market was in recession.  It then became a need for me to create something different and that is how this project was born.

From the beginning, the idea was to open a glamorous space dedicated to sexuality and sensuality; a space that would inspire people, making them feel desirable and sexy, and so I opened the first Love Me More in a magnificent space in the Historic Centre of Lagos, Portugal.  “Love Me More” can be both an invitation to another and a reminder of the importance of loving ourselves.

With Love Me More I began promoting events such as singles’ gatherings and workshops which I called “Ero-Gatherings”, during which I speak about sex, emotions, love liaisons, self-esteem and introduce people to a wide array of the products I sell.

I became aware too that people were coming to me to ask for advice or simply to talk about their relationships and that is how the “Enamored Anonymous” and “Love Woes” sections of the website were born – for people to share stories, ask questions and hopefully, learn something with others’ situations and opinions.

When I was finally able to get the team and the money together to have a website as I wanted it, I realized that Lagos is too small a city for a project meant to be ambitious: Love Me More had already moved to a more visible space in Lagos’ Historic Centre and although I was receiving compliments on the project on a daily basis, I was still hearing about people who were too embarrassed to walk into the shop.  It was then I made the painful decision of closing the shop to dedicate myself to the website and to spreading the word about Love Me More through events.  I believe Love Me More will forever stay in the minds of the ones who visited it as a positive memory and the website will open the possibility of more people getting to know and taking advantage of the products, tips and spirit of the same Love Me More.

Love yourself more, 

Joyce Craveiro

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